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When you choose Long Term Solutions, you choose to Partner with Excellence.  Our reputation in the long term care community is one of integrity, expertise and proven results.  We currently are responsible for providing consulting pharmacy services to over 10,000 lives in various care models.  We are here to assist you in providing the ultimate quality care.

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Our mission is to provide the highest standards in consultant pharmacy services in the long term healthcare industry.  Optimizing medication therapeutic outcomes, minimizing adverse effects, improving quality of life, and managing costs are our key goals.

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Long term care facilities of today are tasked with improving quality outcomes, while reducing costs.  The field is one of rapid changes including regulatory mandates, technological advances and pharmaceutical innovations.  Long Term Solutions is here to help you navigate this environment.  We pride ourselves on staying current with State and Federal Pharmacy regulations and keeping our clients updated with various tools for compliance.

Our company . . .

Since 1994 Long Term Solutions, Inc. has been an independent consultant pharmacy company servicing New York State healthcare settings.  Lisa Venditti, RPh, FASCP is the founder, CEO and President of Long Term Solutions, Inc. and has dedicated her career to the pharmaceutical field, specializing in the long term care industry.

Today, Lisa continues to lead with a hands-on approach, remaining actively involved with the individual needs of each client.  She and her team ensure you receive all services with an unparalleled standard of excellence.

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